Saturday, October 31, 2009

Boo to You!

Where has all the time gone??? I can't believe today is the first of November?! Well, what have we been up to??? Oh, fun stuff.....being homeless for a couple of weeks while we were between houses, painting our new house, unpacking all 108 boxes, decorating and of course getting ready for pumpkin time!! We love our new house and town sooo much!!! House post coming next. Onto our cute little trick of treaters....

They have the cutest pumpkin patch and scarecrow alley here. The kids loved picking out their own pumpkins!

Isn't Dorothy just the cutest?? Well, her costume was a 3, but Noah and I had a good laugh at how "daring" it was!! We ended up putting leggings on her.

Such a doll!

Megatron lookout........He has been dying to wear this for everyone to see.

Handsome boy!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween and got lots of goodies!! Remember, they are for the kids not the parents...hands out of the bags!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Candy Necklace

Most kids would just love to snack on one of these...Right??!!
Wrong!! Not my daughter anyways. She thought it would be far more fun to jam one of the candies way the heck up her nose!! So unladylike, I know!! Well after sitting on her and trying to get it out I realized it was just too far up there. So off we headed to the ER. We did get back really quick, which was nice. They tried using hemostats and suction but had no luck. By this point her little nostril was so swollen inside and just gushing blood. They decided since it was candy to pour a whole saline bullet in her nose to help dissolve it. The gave us some antibiotics and more saline and to have it checked again in 2 days. So, that was our excitement for the day!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Conversation with my Son

We were walking through the mall today looking for tennis shoes...
Our conversation goes a little like this:

Jax: "Can I get earrings like you and Macie, Mommy?"

Me: "No Buddy, earrings are just for girls."


We walk into the shoe store browse around and a man comes and asks if we need any help....

Jax: "Excuse me man, earrings are for girls. My Mommy just told me I can't have some. How come you do? Did your Mommy not tell you they are for girls?"

Me: " Umm...Sorry, kids...ha ha?!"

And we quickly hurried out of the store.........

Gotta love 4 year olds!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sheppard AFB

Well, it is official.....we are outta Abilene!!! I think I am a mix of sad, excited and impatient!! I will dearly miss all of the wonderful friends we have made in the last 5 years here in Abilene. So many of us have kiddos the same age and we have watched each others' grow up so far. I know we will keep in touch and make visits, but it is still kinda sad! I am super excited for Noah. This will be an awesome opportunity for him. He will be a B-1 instructor. Plus, the best part is he can't deploy!!! That is such a huge relief! Noah is leaving tomorrow and heading to Wichita Falls, he starts work on Monday. We sold our house here but don't close until the end of September. So, the kids and I will hang out and see Daddy on the weekends. What's the reason for the impatience.....we bought a new house up there and don't close on it until the first of October!!!! I am super excited and can't wait to start decorating and making it our home! More on the new house to come....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bling Bling

Notice anything especially sparkly about my little princess??

That's right, she is now the proud new owner of little flower earrings! This wasn't how or when I thought she would get them, but what can I say........the girl loves her some bling!! Ha!! Well, lets back up for a minute, Macie has loved stick on earrings since Christmas. Every morning we had to put some on and then of course have melt down central when she looked in the mirror an hour later and one was missing! Fast about a month niece, Emilee, had gotten hers done and we took a trip to San Angelo to visit them and Macie fell in love! So, I asked her over and over if she really wanted them and even pinched her ear so she would know it would hurt. She was adamant. So off we went with Em and Aunt Megan in tow. They got her all set up and I was holding her hands and sweating and starting to think this was a bad idea(Megan told me Em cried a good little bit). They counted to three and she kinda flinched and they handed her the mirror and she just smiled, said "Ohhh Petty" and asked to go get her candy! Seriously not a tear!! I got my second hole done when I was 15 and I think I about cried needless to say she doesn't get the toughness from her Mom. I always thought we would do it around Kindergarten, but she loves them and lets me take care of we are both happy!
I made Macie this shirt and bow to wear for Jackson's T-ball.
The back is my fav. part! Excuse Tucker!
Jackson has his last game on Saturday!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

San Antonio Vaca

*Warning~picture overload*

This is a little late....The day after Jackson's birthday party we got up bright and early and headed down to San Antonio for a little vacation. My parents went with us too and it was a lot of fun! The 1st day we headed to Sea World for the day, the next day we went to the Children's Museum downtown and went to eat at the Rainforest Cafe on the river walk afterwards. That night we went to eat at Landry's for my birthday(our birthdays are a day apart), and then went on the boat ride by the river walk. The last day we headed to the Alamo and the Mexican Market. We had such a great time! The kids acted great and we can't wait to do it again next year.
Jackson kept asking if this dressed up Shamu was going to bite him if he turned around. He was really concerned!
Still not looking away!! The weather was perfect. It was sunny but not too hot. Lucky !!

The kiddos loved feeding the seals.
Jackson after lunch, checking the park map for our next stop.
The kids loved the Children's Museum! It was really pretty cool. It was 3 stories and had a grocery store on the bottom level that you could use a basket to load up food in and then use a real register to check out. The middle floor had a post office, bank, front loader tractor ride, bubble room, cow milking, etc. And the top floor had an airplane, control tower and play house. On with the pics we have a lot to get thru......
Jackson waiting to ride the front loader. His fav. thing by far!! Such a boy!
Milkin' the cows.
Macie loved the bank. They had an ATM machine that she couldn't get enough of.
Jackson flying the plane.
My little trolley drivers.
The Rainforest Cafe was great. The kids liked it. Macie wasn't too crazy about the gorillas during the thunderstorm, but she loved the alligator downstairs. Of course we got the volcano sparkler thing for dessert and it was delicious!!
Last but not least, this is what Jackson found at the Mexican Market that he assured us he couldn't live without. He wore it the rest of the day.......on the trolley and all. We had an awesome trip with tons of good memories! Thanks Mom and Dad for going with us, wouldn't have been the same without you guys!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Go Pirates!!

Jackson is loving playing t-ball! He is doing great and we are having a ton of fun watching him!
Go Pirates! The whole fam showing our team spirit!
Macie cheering Jax on. She really gets loud.

She loves her pom poms!
Every time he hits and runs to 1st and he tells me, "T-ball is so awesome, huh Mommy?"
Why do the hats have to give them Dumbo ears? Seriously, all of the kids?!
Daddy assistant coaching.
We still have several games left and Jackson is just loving it!